हल्ट पुरस्कार भारत

“ A little bit of good can turn into a whole lot of good when fuelled by the commitment of a social entrepreneur” - Jeffery Skoll

The Hult Prize aims at bringing the bright minds of the present generation to tackle the current societal problems with their knack for social entrepreneurship. It pushes them to come up with ground-breaking business ideas for the betterment of society and to test it against other revolutionary ideas, all to win a MILLION DOLLARS.

About Hult

The Hult Prize has been seeing a steady growth in popularity in the Indian Community. Many premier institutions like IIT, BITS, and IIM were quick to realise the unique opportunity presented by this initiative and became active members of the community. We invite you all to explore your knack for entrepreneurship and bring about social change.

About Hult

A Pioneering Approach From Student to Entrepreneur

The Hult Prize methodology focuses on launching disruptive social enterprises that are impact centered, profit minded, and market driven.